Sep 19, 2010

The Dangers of Natural Gas Drilling

Anyone else dealing with this boom on drilling for natural gas? They've been going around here wanting to drill the wells without even tapping it yet, just setting up the infrastructure. People are concerned for the groundwater.




  1. Wow.

    I guess you can start to get concerned when you can blow up your tap water with a lighter.

    The exemption of hydraulic fracturing from the drinking water act is incredible.

    It had me thinking about Erin Brockovich, but this time the pollution is on a huge scale.

    I have to look into this further.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha, yeah, it's a new kind of American dual sink where you can get deadly drinking water AND grill hamburgers.

    The WV Rivers Coalition just sent me a report they put together on the issue. I'm going to read through it this weekend. A big concern for what I'm working on, local foods, is for agriculture. Not only can you not drink the water if it gets contaminated - you also have agriculture, plant, and wildlife issues. What we can actually do about it to prevent this from happening if people are already signing over their gas rights, I don't know yet.


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